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Narcissus 'Trumpet Mixture' Bulb PK/8

Trumpet and Large Cupped Daffodil

 Bloom Period: 

April – May


Sun – Part Shade




Height 18 – 20”  Width 4 – 6”


3 – 8



This collection provides large daffodils with the traditional trumpet shape – the corona equal in length to the surrounding petals – but with a huge variety of colors that make each clump appear as a long-lasting bouquet.

Narcissus are sturdy, long-lived perennials that naturalize well and make great cut flowers. They prefer rich, well-drained soil and attract early pollinators. Plant with early perennial companions whose foliage will disguise their maturing foliage which should not be cut or tied, although the flower stems may be cut down. Deer and rabbit resistant; known to be distasteful to squirrels and voles so place later-blooming tulip bulbs below them to deter those voracious diggers.

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