Ornamental Kale Kamome Pink 4"

Ornamental Kale / Borecole

Kamome Pink: Ruffled blue-green foliage radiates outward forming an open-form, cabbage-like head. As temperatures cool, green centers turn vibrant fuchsia pink.

Ornamental cabbages and kales are a perfect foliage addition to any autumnal container or garden planting. Easy to care for and long lived, many varieties thrive through the first few frosts in our region. Grow in full sun and keep well-watered. As temperatures continue to drop, vibrant reds, pinks, purples and whites radiate from the center of each head.

Lower leaves are prone to yellowing or spotting and can be removed as they age and decline. Ornamental cabbages and kales are also prone to cabbage moths, but can easily be preemptively treated with organic pesticides such as BT.

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