Plant Care Guides

Expand your knowledge and your gardening skills with our collection of Plant Care Guides.
Compiled from years of experience by our plant experts, you can explore many topics, from planting and care instructions to plant selection recommendations.


Vegetable Seed Starting
Vegetables by Season – Square Foot Gardening
2024 Bowood Grown Vegetable Selections
Growing Citrus
Growing Figs
Growing Greens
Growing Herbs
Growing Peppers
Growing Pumpkins, Squash & Gourds
Growing Tomatoes

Houseplant Watering Tips
Low Light Houseplants
Caring for Ficus
Caring for Indoor Ferns
Caring for Orchids
Caring for Palms
Caring for Poinsettias
Caring for Succulents
Caring for Tillandsias
Planting Amaryllis Bulbs
Planting Paperwhite Bulbs
Planting Summer Bulbs in Containers
Kokedama Planting
Kusamono - Dish-Style Display
Kusamono - Driftwood-Style Display
Terrarium Planting
Staghorn Fern Mounting
Overwintering Tropical Plants

Planting Perennials
Planting Trees & Shrubs
Planting Clematis
Planting Fall Bulbs
Planting Hollies
Planting Hydrangeas
Planting Japanese Maples
Planting Junipers
Planting Lavender
Planting Miniature & Dwarf Conifers
Planting Missouri Native Perennials
Planting Missouri Native Trees & Shrubs
Planting Ornamental Grasses
Planting Your Lawn
Bowood Seasonal Favorites – Spring
Bowood Seasonal Favorites – Summer
Bowood Seasonal Favorites – Fall & Winter
Gardening for Birds
Gardening for Butterflies
The Bowood Butterfly Plant List and Garden Design
The Complete Butterfly & Moth Plant List
Winter Seed Sowing in Containers

Garden Planting Mixes, Fertilizers & Amendments
Measuring & Figuring for Gardeners
Deterring Deer
Deterring Rabbits
Late Winter Pruning
Waking Up Your Garden – Spring
The Chelsea Chop
Dividing and Transplanting Perennials
Putting Your Garden to Bed – Winter
Lawn Care Calendar - Turfgrass
Lawn Care Calendar – Zoysia

Lawn Care - Fall Reseeding
Composting Tips