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Euphorbia tirucalli

Pencil Cactus / Indian Tree Spurge

Bloom Period: 

Seasonal Bloomer


Bright Direct (High)


Water Sparingly (Low Moisture)


Height 24 – 36"  Width 18 – 24’’





Bright green and branching, the thin, pencil-like stems quickly form a sculptural shape that will add height and an airy quality to a succulent collection. With tiny leaves and no thorns or spines, it is one of the least cactus-like of the tree spurges.

Virtually indestructible, Euphorbia plants are easy to care for on a warm, sunny windowsill and can be moved outside for the warm summer months. Make sure the pot drains completely after watering and allow it to dry out before watering again. When cut, all Euphorbia plants exude a caustic white latex which is a skin and eye irritant as well as poisonous, so use caution when pruning or cleaning.

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