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T. Xerographica Small

The King of Air Plants has a very different and appealing form: like a lovely bouquet or fancy present, the broad, pale gray-green leaves open outward until their tips fold under completely and, with time, curl outwards. Native to southern Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. A large plant in and of itself, it produces a truly incredible, flame-like, red and yellow flower on a stiff, pale lavender spike.

Tillandsia are epiphytes that live high in the branches of trees and far from any soil, gaining their common name of Air Plants. They thrive in bright indirect light, preferably close to an eastern or western window. We recommend watering all Tillandsia two to three times a week to establish a consistent watering schedule. Gently spray them in the sink or shower, first right side up, then upside-down. Allow them to drain upside-down for at least an hour before returning to their display location.