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Hoya Heart 2.5"

Sweetheart Hoya / Lucky Heart

Bloom Period: 

Seasonal Bloomer


Moderate Indirect to Bright Direct (Medium to High)


Water Sparingly (Low Moisture)


Height 3 – 4”  Width 24 – 48” (long)





Single, succulent, heart-shaped leaves are charming displayed in a small pot; if it has a node attached, it will begin to vine. Bright green, heart-shaped leaves are held upright along thick stems that climb or trail. Patience has its own reward: fully mature specimens are collector’s items, slowly producing shoots from that rooted base that love to vine upwards and eventually producing small, porcelain-like flowers. Give it the brightest indirect light possible – some direct sunlight is beneficial, especially in the winter. Be frugal with your watering; keep away from cold drafts and dark corners. Prefers being tightly root-bound which may also promote earlier blooming. Hoya kerrii