Phalaenopsis Orchid Orange 3.5"

Moth Orchid / Moon Orchid

Bloom Period: 

Seasonal Bloomer


Moderate Indirect (Medium)


Let Soil Dry Out Slightly (Moderate Moisture)


Height 24 – 36”  Width 4 – 8"





Astonishingly unique, the fascinating shape of these flowers on their elegant arching stems above rich, dark green succulent foliage bring a sculptural quality to any display. From bright white, green, and pale pink to lavender and purple, and with various freckling and streaking, they are a colorful balm to winter’s dreariness. Usually blooms late winter to spring. An epiphyte with thick, pale green aerial roots, it is best to thoroughly water and then allow to nearly dry out before watering them again. Water early in the day and don’t let water collect in the crown to avoid crown rot. Keep temperatures above 60⁰ at night and around 70-85⁰ during the day.

General Orchid Care Tips: With each watering, make sure you flush the pot thoroughly and let drain completely. This will wash out excess salt build up and bring oxygen to the roots. When your orchid has finished blooming, trim the stem near the emergent point. All orchids need a rest period with good care and fertilization to be able to re-bloom. See our Bowood Plant Care Guide “Caring for Orchids” for more information.