Poinsettia Princettia Red

Princettia Red – Glowing, lipstick-red bracts in overlapping multi-sizes give the impression of a fully double flower and contrast nicely with the rich, deep green foliage in a dense, compact form.

A fascinating holiday plant with colorful bracts that resemble flowers. Relatively easy to care for if you remember to protect from temperatures below 50⁰ - wrap it up when transporting and place away from warm/cold drafts. Allow soil to almost dry out before watering and do not allow it to sit in water. Cooler night temperatures  will help keep the bracts at their most intense color for the longest time. Not poisonous or toxic to humans or pets, though the sap is a skin irritant and should not be ingested; keep out of reach from chewing kittens or puppies. Euphorbia pulcherrima