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T. Houston Purple Enhanced

Fast-growing rosette of densely clustered silvery sea-green leaves that come to fine needle-like tips. Hybrid of Tillandsia stricta (native to South America and Trinidad) and Tillandsia recurvifolia (native to Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil). Leaves turn silvery purple when blooming begins; broad, light pink spikes deepen to bright pink as the white flowers open. Enhanced with non-toxic floral tint to mimic flowering color or to provide contrast.

Tillandsia are epiphytes that live high in the branches of trees and far from any soil, gaining their common name of Air Plants. They thrive in bright indirect light, preferably close to an eastern or western window. We recommend watering all Tillandsia two to three times a week to establish a consistent watering schedule. Gently spray them in the sink or shower, first right side up, then upside-down. Allow them to drain upside-down for at least an hour before returning to their display location.