Zygocactus Dark Pink

Forest Cactus / Christmas Cactus

Bloom Period: 

November – Mid-February


Moderate Indirect (Medium)


Let Soil Dry Out Slightly (Moderate Moisture)


Height 6 – 10”  Width 10 – 15”





Although Poinsettias are considered the classic holiday plant, these forest cacti deserve the same status since they naturally bloom from late fall into winter. The bright plump buds open to exotically shaped, dark pink blooms at the ends of gracefully drooping, semi-succulent branches of flattened segments. Easygoing and delightful, perfect for a hanging basket or to dangle down from a shelf. Schlumbergera spp.

Reblooming is triggered by a combination of shortening day length and cooling temperatures.

  • After flowering is done, place in a cooler spot and water sparingly from January to end of March
  • Resume regular houseplant care; pinch tips to promote branching; place in a shady spot outside in June
  • Continue regular watering and light fertilizing until mid-September, then bring inside; keep in a cool, bright place and let dry out somewhat
  • Until about mid-November, enforce 12-14 hours of continuous darkness each night to set buds and begin flowering
  • Place in bright, indirect light when buds appear and open